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Cumbre del Sol is located in the heart of the Costa Blanca in the municipality of Benitachell, between Javea and Moraira, set in the north of the province of Alicante.

This residential site extends along the sea front, over a surface of 3.700.000 m², and it is divided into different residential areas with villas, detached houses, bungalows and apartments, always surrounded by green spaces, right next to Mediterranean Sea.

Enjoy a couple of days, a holiday, a longer period, all year round; whichever you choose, you always dispose of all the services and more in Cumbre del Sol.

Several viewpoints, impressive views, surrounded by specially protected areas, such as the natural park of Granadella (Javea), the puig de Llorença mountain or the Portet de Moraira beach.

Beaches and coves, green areas and parks, sports and leisure activities, first-class infrastructures, shopping centres, banks, a chemist shop, a health centre, all at your service.

Hiking on the cliffs discovering how the inhabitants of Benitachell used to fish whilst hanging from the cliffs; its caves; practice water ports; diving; or simply enjoy the good climate of its famous Morach beach. If you want more intimacy, you can enjoy the Los Tiestos cove. All this and much more.

Discover Cumbre del Sol, a unique location on the Mediterranean, developed by Group VAPF

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Vídeo del Grupo VAPF, Cumbre del Sol en la Costa Blanca
Cumbre del Sol is located in the municipality of Poble Nou de Benitachell between Javea and Moraira, only a few kilometres away from the Mediterranean motorway.

Its ideal setting was already praised by the famous botanist, Antonio José Cavanilles, two centuries ago, when he travelled through the old kingdom of Valencia. Cumbre del Sol is set on the most elevated points of Benitatxell – strategically located in the heart of Marina Alta – from where beautiful panoramic views can be contemplated.

Today, its location enables us to enjoy golf courses, locations and towns of interest and any other service that we may require, in a question of minutes.

Cumbre del Sol offers the possibility of residing in residential areas equipped with all the services all year round and set in a landscape with beautiful views and surrounded by nature.


Cumbre del Sol is also protected, given that it is an island surrounded by protected green areas and the Mediterranean Sea.

The infrastructure services of Cumbre del Sol are yet another of the big advantages of this beautiful residential area.  From the start of its creation, the real estate developer, Group VAPF, was conscious of the importance of a good infrastructure for the future of Cumbre del Sol.

Small details have enabled current proprietors to reap the benefits and to enjoy an exceptional residential area.

These details include the planning of the entire road network, providing the residential area with wider streets and access to most plots via 2 streets, thus increasing the distance between the houses as well as facilitating access; the sewage network; two-tone street lighting, differentiating main and secondary roads; total absence of telephone and electric cabling; independent network of water supply with 4 deposits; construction of boundary walls that separate the plots from the streets; and its own telecommunications network offering voice and broadband Internet services.

Green infrastructure

Another effort to bear in mind is the constant provision, by the real estate developer, Group VAPF, of green areas with native plants and trees.  In fact, today, the Mirador park, located on the top left hand side of the entrance to the Morach beach, is a good example of this, providing beautiful views whilst walking through a pine forest.

The Llebeig cove and its history

cala-llebeig-cumbre-de-solTo reach the Lleibeig cove we must follow a path for 15 minutes, which begins at the end of the Pueblo Montecala residential area. The fishermen of Poble Nou de Benitachell frequent the Llebeig cove and, in fact, small constructions can be seen in the actual cove.

Another way of discovering this beautiful cove is through the trails that begin either from the Morach beach or from the Portet de Moraira.

The neighbours of Benitatxell habitually visit the Lleibeig cove in August to soak spartograss, to fish and to take the three recommended baths (according to an old tradition). There is also a coastal surveillance hut that was initially occupied by the local carabinero police and later by the civil guard.

The Los Tiestos cove and El Morro Falqui

692-cala-de-los-tiestos-cumbre-solThe cove Los Tiestos or des Testos lies beneath El Morro Falqui. The entrance is located just before the downward path that goes to the Morach beach, on the left, via a small path.

This very sheltered small cove is renowned for being a nudist and a very private cove.

From the park located above the beach and the cove there are beautiful views of the Morach beach, the Los Tiestos cove and El Morro Falqui.

The Morach beach and the Los Arcos cave

playa-morach-cumbredelsol04The Morach beach and the Los Arcos cave are famous for practicing diving. Their crystal clear waters and spectacularly beautiful settings do not cease to impress one. The services on the beach comprise parking and 2 drinks and snacks stalls, besides the habitual services, like hammocks, sun umbrellas, etc.

The views are simply breathtaking. The cliffs protect the entire beach and the sensation one gets is that of enjoying the sea surrounded by nature and mountains. A few metres from the entrance to the Morach beach begins one of the most beautiful trails on the coast that runs over the cliffs.


Information on the different residential areas in the Cumbre del Soll residential development in Benitachell.

All information on the apartments for sale, the different residential areas for building tailor-made villas, detached houses with pool, etc., on a development boasting two shopping centres, a supermarket, chemists, hardware store, bars, restaurants, sports facilities (paddle tennis and tennis courts), rambling routes, panoramic viewpoints, green spaces, coves, Moraig beach, etc.

If you are looking for an apartment, penthouse, bungalow, detached house or villa in Benitachell, this section contains all the information direct from the company which builds and develops Cumbre del Sol.



One of the main advantages of Cumbre del Sol is its setting, surrounded by a green belt and the Mediterranean Sea.

Approaching Cumbre del Sol from Benitachell through the North entrance, on the East we find the nature reserve park of Granadilla, which belongs to Javea and, towards the West, the specially protected area of Puig de la Llorença. Towards the South lies the Mediterranean Sea and, closing the circle around Cumbre del Sol, we find the specially protected area of Portet de Moraira.

The nature reserve park of Granadella

The nature reserve park of Granadella is located in the municipality of Javea.  It borders onto to Cumbre del Sol, from where we can access one of the many trails of this beautiful park.

Discovering the famous Granadella cove: On the right hand side of the cove we find the Morro del Castell, where the remains of the Castle of Granadella lie.This coastal fort, destined as a defence tower against pirate raids, was constructed at turn of the 18th century over the remains of a previous watchtower dating back to the 15th century. From this point, towards the north, it is possible to see a large inlet that reaches the Descubridor island.The Torre de Ambolo or Descubridor: Another of the forts used as a surveillance and defence tower lies on the cliff. These constructions have been declared part of the Cultural Heritage.

El Puig de la Llorença

‘El Puig de la LLorença’ lies 445 metres over the sea level and is considered one of the main vantage points of the district of Marina Alta, as the great Valencian traveller, the botanist Cavanilles, was able to verify a little over two centuries ago.

Practically the entire northern part has been declared an officially protected area and covers a surface of approximately 2 million m².

El Portet de Moraira

‘El Portet de Moraira’ is a specially protected area. Its beautiful beach and fort, the small inlet in the shape of a seashell and its crystal clear waters, makes it a magnificent place for a relaxed swim.

It has catering services, footbaths, parking and a Red Cross service. From there we can climb to the Cap d´Or watchtower. From the Llebeig cove we can find one of the trails that go from Cumbre del Sol to  Portet de Moraira.

Because of its setting, next to especially protected green areas, like Portet de Moraira, El Puig de la Llorença and the nature park of Granadilla, one of the most popular sports is hiking.

On another front, its coast invites diving enthusiasts, with its caves, beaches, coves and crystal clear waters.

In addition, the sports centre offers all the services and sports facilities, such as, tennis, paddle, among others.


The Morach or Moraign beach is a meeting point for diving enthusiasts.  The cave of Los Arcos with its clear and transparent waters offer enthusiasts everything they seek from a good immersion.


There are various hiking trails in Cumbre del Sol but, in addition, we can enjoy the hiking trails belonging to the nature park of Granadella and discover its beautiful cove of la Granadella with the remains of an old fort.

Beautiful views combining sea and mountain surrounded by nature and landscapes as beautiful as the trails that run over the cliffs, admiring the blue and crystal clear water, are all the ingredients that guarantee a successful day for nature enthusiasts.

Cumbre del Sol sport, next to especially protected green areas, beaches, coves and crystal clear waters

Services Cumbre del Sol. To enjoy all year round!

The services available in Cumbre del Sol offer residents everything they need to enjoy their home in the Costa Blanca ALL YEAR ROUND.

Special emphasis has always been placed on the services available in Cumbre del Sol and, therefore, the current offer is immense and includes 2 shopping centres, one at each end of the residential estate.

The Adelfas shopping centre houses a large supermarket (1200m2), a bank, a services company, a restaurant-cafeteria and a white-goods and furniture shop.The Cumbre del Sol restaurant, with its large swimming pool, is next to the Adelfas shopping centre and below the restaurant there is a health centre with a chemist shop.

The property developer, Group VAPF, has a sales office at both entrances of the residential estate.

The offer of sports facilities continues to expand with the current construction (already initiated) of a sports area with paddle tennis, tennis and other related sports, keeping in mind that, in addition to 2 hiking trails over the cliffs, we are located right next to the natural reserve park of Granadella, which offers beautiful hiking trails.

At the beaches and coves of Cumbre del Sol one can practice diving, especially on the Morach beach, starting out from the Morach cove.

Cumbre del Sol – services all year round