The Cumbre del Sol beaches

Will take your breath away

It's hard to imagine the Mediterranean lifestyle without a gorgeous beach front and centre, and our Cumbre del Sol beaches fit this mental picture perfectly.

With no less than three lovely natural coves located within the development, it's a sure bet that you'll be enjoying quality leisure time on at least one of them.

Our beaches, Cala Moraig, Cala de los Tiestos, and Cala del Llebeig, each have a different character and configuration, but all offer a tranquil, near-private experience distanced from anything but the lulling sound of the sea.

Cala beach Moraig in cumbre del sol benitachell

Cala Moraig beach

Known locally as a pristine diving spot, Cala Moraig beach and the Los Arcos cave enjoy a location completely protected by the surrounding cliffs.

Civilization fades into the back of your mind as you sit embraced by nature and the mountains.

With crystal clear waters to soothe your soul, and light services including hammock and umbrella rental and snack facilities, this is a place to while away the hours soaking in the gorgeous natural setting.

Just a few metres from the entrance to the beach lies the beginning of one of the most beautiful trails on the whole coast, running up and over the cliffs.

Cove los tiestos in benitachell Cumbre del Sol Costa Blanca

Cala de los Tiestos beach

Just alongside Cala Moraig, beneath El Morro Falqui, is the Los Tiestos or des Testos Cala.

For those seeking an even more private experience, this could be your destination.

The cove has gained fame as a nudist beach, but its small size and semi-hidden access from a small path just before the descent to Cala Moraig also make for a wonderful place to enjoy absolute silence and retreat.

From the park located above the beach there are beautiful views to be had of the Moraig beach, the Los Tiestos Cove, and El Morro Falqui.

The llebeig cove in benitachell cumbre del Sol

Cala del Llebeig beach

The Cala del Llebeig beach area is the cove perhaps most steeped in local history.

The fishermen of Poble Nou de Benitachell frequent the zone regularly, and Benitachell residents visit the Llebeig cove in August to soak spartograss, fish, and bathe themselves three times as recommended by an old local tradition.

Access to Cala del Llebeig requires a 15 minute walk along a trail that begins at the end of the Pueblo Montecala residential area, or via the trails that begin at Cala Moraig or the Portet de Moraira.

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