Health and Well-being

In Cumbre del Sol you can find all the services you need for you day to day life. The health and well-being of the residents are a priority, therefore we have several services focused on just that.


The cardiologist clinic Dr.Dobrucki, located in the area Adelfas even though he deals with different areas, has everything from therapeutical activities to diagnoses. There is also a hyperbaric chamber which treats numerous disorders.

His opening hours are from Monday and Tuesday from 9am to 2pm and from 4pm to 6pm and Wednesday,Thursday and Friday from 4pm to 6pm.

Contact no: +34 665 629 268


The chemist Cumbredel Sol provides you with guidance and tips to keep you in good health. They include quality brands in their catalogue, so they can offer you the best products which are most beneficial to you. Their sales team and specialists are happy to help you find the offers and products that you need.

More information at:

Contact no: +34 966 493 408


Do you feel like pampering yourself? Then Pure Wellness is the place for you. In Pure Medispa you can find anything form a massage to a manicure, from laser hair removal to microblading. In this specialised centre you can find an endless list of treatments to look after you.

More information at:

Contact no: +34 965 023 543 y +34 711 011 653

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