A town expert in mixing tradition and international diversity in equal parts, Jávea, or Xàbia, as it is known officially in the Valencian language, is located on the northern coast of Alicante, in the area of the Marina Alta. Dedicated to agriculture and fishing until the beginning of the 20th century, its history begins with the Crown of Aragon in the Middle Ages. Jávea’s strategic geographic position, always under threat of internal or external invasions, explains the architectural style of its walled centre that, surrounding the gothic Church of San Bartolomé, is characterized by whitewashed houses, iron trellises, and lintels made from the porous golden earth, “tosca”, characteristic of the area.

 Converted since the middle of the 20th century into an exclusive tourism destination thanks to its wonderful climate, today Jávea is home to one of the largest international communities in eastern Spain, with more than 50% of the population being foreign. This has consolidated its multicultural, diverse character, and contributed to the dynamism of this interesting community.

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